ABW Custom Work

We happily accept custom work to create buttons for you. But for that we require some serious contact!

It is up to you to tell us the colors and the type of button you want.

Here are the categories that we find most helpful:

Hard abstract
(hard-edge design work)Designer button
Quasi-representational Art Button - representational Soft abstract (loose, muted design) Fashion button - muted, abstract
Marbelized Marbelized buttons Millefiori Millefiori button If you are working with a fabric, then, in addition to choosing your type preference, you may wish to send us a swatch. And, if you have a website, send us the URL because we'd love to see samples of your work.

Our custom prices for our custom designer buttons are reasonable. With any special order, we ask for a small payment up front which is non-refundable; the amount will of course vary depending on the specifics of your request.

We certainly look forward to meeting and working with other creative folks.