ABW Custom Work

I happily accept custom work to create buttons for you. But for that I require some serious contact!

It is up to you to tell us the colors and the type of button you want—even send a snap of the cloth or weave you are using.

Here are the categories I find most helpful:

Hard abstract
Designer button
Quasi-representational Art Button - representational Soft abstract (loose, muted design) Marbelized buttons
Marbelized Soft, muted, abstract buttons Millefiori Millefiori button If you are working with a fabric, then, in addition to choosing your type preference, you may wish to send us a swatch or an image. And, if you have a website, send us the URL because I'd love to see samples of your work.

Prices for ABW custom designer buttons are reasonable. With any special order, we ask for a small payment up front which is non-refundable; the amount will of course vary depending on the specifics of your request.

I certainly look forward to meeting and working with other creative folks.