ABW Quality

I use one brand of polymer clay: FIMO. For surface treatments I use Jacquard Pearl-Ex Powders. My thinking is, you can't make high-quality objects with inferior materials. I choose the best whenever possible. (I prefer FIMO as its baking temp is only 230°F.)

Art Button Works Packaging image

Realizing that ABW buttons will end up in relationships with fine textiles and yarns, and will often be functional as well as ornamental, I take great care in the finishing process with every button. ABW buttons will not snag. Neither will their holes wear threads any more than regular, boring, mass-produced buttons do!

Non-clay materials which may grace some buttons will be securely integrated into the button—no disappearing bits! Much more information about the durability of ABW buttons can be found on the Research Page.

I am careful about all aspects of my buttons because they are ABW Buttons and represent me and my creative work. I value my work and therefore won't send out anything that doesn't meet my very high standards.

Art Button Works markAll buttons (except the ones where I, very infrequently, forget) will bear the ABW mark and my signature "C". Each button or set is attached to the ABW button card.

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