The ABW Artists

M   Meta Strick
C   Clair Dunn

Meta lives in Fairfield, Vermont and teaches art at the Community College of Vermont in St. Albans. An experienced mixed-media artist, she brings to buttons all the variety and experimentation that is the hallmark of her work. A long-time maker of popular, one-of-a-kind art dolls, Meta has been making buttons for fun for several years now.

With the emergence of Art Button Works, she can now justify the time she spends creating buttons!

Because of her work in mixed-media, Single Button -  Strick she brings to the art of button-making a variety of skills and a knowledge of materials that will excite and fascinate. Her work will make you re-think everything you've ever considered about buttons. Sure, they can be for closure—on bags, capes, scarves, sweaters, coats, hats, dresses, vests—but now the button can be elevated beyond the functional to the status of appliqué—think ornamentation, decoration, that finishing touch!

Meta is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University where she majored in art and developed incredible skill in draughtsmanship. One of her prime subjects is faces. Her faces will no doubt appear in various forms on the ABW buttons. She is also a regular exhibitor at many juried art and fine craft shows where she displays art dolls, small wooden dolls, decorated plaques. and paintings.

Meta's dolls, paintings, and sketchbook pages can be seen on her web site. Meta exhibits work at the All Matters Gallery in Burton, Ohio and, starting in October 2009, her work will also be on display at the STAART Gallery in St. Albans.

Clair lives in Fletcher, Vermont, and her life is centered on the arts. For many years a graphic designer and typographer, she had her own studio in Kalamazoo, Michigan, where major clients included U.S. Robotics, The Selmer Company, The French Paper Company, and various departments at Western Michigan University.

Recently she has emerged on the Vermont art scene as a photographer and painter. In late 2008 Clair was a Finalist (20 out of 320) in the Vermont Arts Councils Art of Action project supported by Lyman Orton. Though she was not one of the ten commissioned artists, it was an honor to be a finalist. The Art of Action commissioned works are on tour throughout Vermont over the next year. Single Button - Dunn

Clair was introduced to the versatility of polymer clay by Meta Strick, and, over pizza and beer at Mimmo's in St. Albans, Vermont, they decided to make buttons—fine art buttons. Buttons for weavers, bag-makers, knitters, and other fine art crafters.

Clair's approach brings together her passion for color and design. Sometimes her approach is painterly as well. The medium offers immense opportunity for variety and invention which means the work is never the same. And that is the point of Art Button Works—no single button and no set is ever the same.

While involved in the start-up of Art Button Works, photography and painting are pretty much on hold, but Clair's photography work and paintings can be seen at her web site, at the STAART Gallery in St. Albans.