ABW Buttons are NO LONGER for sale online. We are closing down the site due to overwork and teaching. Our buttons will continue to be sold at Grand Isle Artworks in Grand Isle, Vermont. The web site is still up because I teach web design and this is a good example of a web site with a database.

ABW Buttons in Vermont!

You can now find ABW buttons at Grand Isle Artworks, the newest gallery in Vermont's Champlain Islands!

And last, but not least, because they were in fact our first Vermont location, ABW buttons are a fixture at the Mountain Fiber Folk gallery in Montgomery Center, at the heart of Vermont's northernmost ski region.

Designer Buttons

Art Button Works (ABW) is run by two artists in Northern Vermont. Both are experimenters, fiddlers, and tinkerers. We make designer buttons that are one-of-a-kind. We make buttons with weavers, knitters, sewers, and fashion designers in mind. Of course our buttons are also useful (and sometimes even inspiring) to bag-makers, hatters, and quilters—in short, all textile artisans.

Designer Button - StrickThe material used for the buttons is polymer clay with just about any method of applying color and texture the makers can come up with. All buttons, except for our earliest ones (and the ones where we forget), bear the artist's mark on the back as well as the mark of Art Button Works itself. For more "technical" information, see our Research Page.

Finding the Buttons You Want

Browse the color galleries listed on the left to see button sets where the named color is the predominant button color. Sets will vary in size from 2 to 10 and of course, custom orders can be any number you choose. Sold buttons and buttons on display off-site appear at the end.

Uniqueness is Guaranteed

Art Button - DunnThis is, and will be, true. Though sets may vary in the number of buttons, and within a set, slight variations may occur, each set is singular. No other set will appear the same.

Design (pattern) and colors used are the two indicators of uniqueness. You may find close similarity in design, but the colors will not be the same. And, you may find the same colors used, but the designs will be very different. This means that you should ever only order ONE of anything!!

Our First Vermont Shop

Mountain Fiber Folk Mountain Fiber Folk in Montgomery Center is the first Vermont shop to carry ABW art buttons. We appreciate this and hope that local folks and visitors will stop in at their cooperative store in the heart of one of Vermont's most delightful tourist areas.

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